Truebright Science Academy Charter School

All outlined Lottery Rules and Procedures will be enforced.

Rules: General

Manual Lottery refers the selection of applicant names by a random method such as the blind drawing of individual names from a container in sequence until all names in the container have been exhausted.

1. All Applicants (except siblings of currently enrolled students who reside in the Philadelphia School District, Olney Area) participate in the lottery.

2. The lottery will be open to all, will not rely on computers, and will be easily understood and followed by all observers.

3.A Only applications received prior to the end of the initial or open enrollment deadline, March 31, are eligible to participate in the lottery.

4. All applications received after the initial or "open" enrollment period will be accepted on a "First-Come, First-Serve" basis, after the Waiting List has been exhausted.

5. All Applicants offered a seat shall be required to affirmatively respond to an offer for acceptance within seven (7) calendar days. Those not responding (excluding declined offers) will be placed on the waiting list with an application date equal to the date the initial offer expired.

6. Only one (1) lottery shall be conducted by a school to include all grades in which the number of Applicants exceeds the number of expected seats available.

7. If the number of Applicants is less than the number of seats anticipated to be available, no public lottery shall be conducted for that grade. Should a seat become available, the next student in line according to the results of the lottery shall be offered admission.

8. ALL offers of registration shall be made in the order of the lottery results and established Waitlist. NO OFFER SHALL BE MADE TO A STUDENT NOT PROPERLY ENTITLED TO THE NEXT AVAILABLE SEAT.

9. The Lottery, if necessary, will be conducted on April 11th.


The "Open" enrollment period must be published in advance of the lottery date regardless of the type of Lottery.

Public Lottery:

1. Public event will be scheduled on April 11th, if necessary.

2. The School administration selects all applications received during the initial or "open" enrollment period for participation in a public lottery.

3. The School administration selects the grade levels that will participate based on enrollment numbers. (Number of seats available).

4. Labels with all eligible students will be generated, sorted by grade, for all students participating in the manual lottery. Students drawn during the lottery will be identified by drawing number and NOT by name unless specifically requested in writing by client.

5. All labels are affixed to a 3x5" index card and put into a single container (irrespective of grade).

6. The order in which student names are drawn will be recorded by writing the selection number on the card as drawn. Drawing should be done by a neutral third party. (For ease of recording, once selected, cards may be sorted by grade level indicated on label)

7. Display of lottery results will be posted by student name.

8. The school administration will generate offers of registration. (See Rule above regarding Offers not responded to within the designate time frame)

9. Remaining students are assigned to the waitlist in the order of their lottery number.

10. Applicants who applied after the close of the enrollment period will be placed on the waitlist in the order that their application was received (date & time)

11. Letters will be sent to waitlisted students indicating their status.

12. Students who decline admission will be removed from the roster and the seat that opens will be made available to waitlisted students. On the waitlist, the appropriate number of students will be highlighted in the order in which an offer should be made.

The registration procedure is fairly strict and designed to ensure that everybody in the community has an equal opportunity to attend the charter school.

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