Truebright Science Academy Charter School

is a public school open to all students residing in Pennsylvania;
does not charge tuition;
is non-sectarian and non-religious;
selects students with a lottery if there are more applicants than available spaces;

What makes Truebright unique?

Individualized instruction: Self-paced, individualized instruction makse the positive difference in both a studentent's academic career and in his or her personal life. The flexibility of the curriculum allows a student to enter at any level, continue at his or her own pace, and work towards both high school graduation and personal growth and wholeness.

One-on-one tutoring: TSACS establishes a tutoring center which will have an attractive atmosphere that will encourage students to use tutoring to close the gap between what they know and what they need to know in order to succeed.

Small classes and small school: Small class and school size maximize the personal attention that students receive from teachers.

Teaching responsible citizenship: TSACS prepares each student for success in college, inspire a lifelong love of learning, and foster responsible citizenship. The school teaches students to be citizens who can think independently, creatively, and with adherence to ethical values.

Enhanced math and science curriculum: Math and science are emphasized through hands-on activities, projects, and laboratory time. Math and science also are emphasized through ongoing community partnerships with science-oriented businesses.

College preparatory focus: The school brings college representatives to visit the school, broadens students' experiences through campus visits and information, and coordinates students' participation in summer and year-long enrichment programs to strengthen preparation for college.Â

Extended school day and school year: TSACS has extended school day and school year in order to achieve the high standards for academic performance the school sets for its students. Student clubs and tutoring are part of the extended day program.

After-school program: TSACS' after school program includes academic, enrichment, recreational and athletic activities. The program enables the students to pursue their personal and academic interests, develop team-work skills, and grow in confidence and respect for themselves and others.

Highly qualified teachers: Three-quarters of all teachers need to be certified by state requirements. TSACS aims to achieve 100% certified teacher rate.

Science and math Olympiads and contests: Students practice for and participate in major science and math contests and Olympiads. As an important element of extra curricular activity, Olympiads are used to enhance scientific abilities, cultural awareness, and student self-respect.Â

Student exchange programs and summer schools: TSAC arranges field trips and student-exchange programs abroad. Through these programs, students are becoming more mature, more culturally aware, and  attaining a broad, global perspective.

Project-based learning: students participate in projects and practice an interdisciplinary array of skills from math, language arts, fine arts, geography, science, and technology. The collaborative nature of the investigation enhances students experiences as well as promotes a greater appreciation for social responsibility...

Truebright difference:

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