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Annual Public Notice of Special Education Services and Programs, Services for Gifted Students, and Services for Protected Handicapped Students

Notice to Parents

According to state and federal special education regulations, annual public notice to parents of children who reside within a school district is required regarding child find responsibilities. School districts (SDs), intermediate units (IUs) and charter schools (CSs) are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for services via Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For additional information related to Section 504/Chapter 15 services, the parent may refer to Section 504, Chapter 15, and the Basic Education Circular entitled Implementation of Chapter 15. Also, school districts are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for gifted services via 22 Pa Code Chapter 16. For additional information regarding gifted services, the parent may refer to 22 PA Code Chapter 16. If a student is both gifted and eligible for Special Education, the procedures in IDEA and Chapter 14 shall take precedence.

This notice shall inform parents of the child identification activities and of the procedures followed to ensure confidentiality of information pertaining to students with disabilities or eligible young children. In addition to this public notice and charter school shall publish written information in the handbook and on the web site.  If parents believe that the child may be eligible for special education, the parent should contact the appropriate staff member identified at the end of this public notice.

Students admitted to Truebright are also eligible if they have developmental delays and, as a result, need Special Education and related services.  For additional information you may contact Truebright Science Academy Charter School, 926 W. Sedgley Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132 or call 215-225-3437.

Evaluation Process

Truebright Science Academy Charter School has a procedure in place by which parents can request an evaluation. For information about procedures applicable to your child, contact the school.


School entities cannot proceed with an evaluation, or with the initial provision of special education and related services, without the written consent of the parents. For additional information related to consent, please refer to the Procedural Safeguards Notice which can be found at .  Once written parental consent is obtained, the school will proceed with the evaluation process. If the parent disagrees with the evaluation, the parent can request an independent education evaluation at public expense.

Program Development

Once the evaluation process is completed, a team of qualified professionals and parents determine whether the child is eligible.  If the child is eligible, the individualized education program team meets, develops the program, and determines the educational placement. Once the IEP team develops the program and determines the educational placement, Truebright staff will issue a notice of recommended educational placement/prior written notice. Your written consent is required before initial services can be provided. The parent has the right to revoke consent after initial placement.

Confidentiality of Information

Truebright Science Academy maintains records concerning all children enrolled in the school, including students with disabilities. All records are maintained in the strictest confidentiality.  Your consent, or consent of an eligible child who has reached the age of majority under State law, must be obtained before personally identifiable information is released, except as permitted under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The age of majority in Pennsylvania is 21. We maintain, for public inspection, a current listing of the names and positions of those employees within the school who have access to personally identifiable information.  For additional information related to student records, the parent can refer to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

This notice is only a summary of the Special Education services, evaluation and screening activities, and rights and protections pertaining to children with disabilities, children thought to be disabled, and their parents. For more information contact the school:

Truebright Science Academy Charter School

926 W. Sedgley Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19132

Mr. Bekir Duz, CEO



Pennsylvania Department of Education

Chapter 14


Parents Involved Network of Pennsylvania

Parent Education Network

Truebright has provided academic success for families looking for a well-balanced educational program in a very safe learning environment. We are committed to building a firm foundation for the career and vocational paths our students choose. We continue our tradition of providing the best education today by preparing our students for the challenges of tomorrow. Meeting the needs of the whole child has always been our commitment.


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Truebright Science Academy Charter School provides special education support and services for students with special needs.

Screening and Evaluation

Truebright Science Academy Charter School uses the following identification activities for locating, identifying, and evaluating the needs of school-aged students who may require the provision of special education programs and services. These services, as required by law, include.Truebright Science Academy Charter School has a system to collect and maintain data on child identification activities. Parents with concerns regarding their child may contact the school at any time to request an evaluation of their child that may result in special education determination. All communication with parents will be in English, and if appropriate, their native language.

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